Five Reasons Why You Can't Miss This Conference!

Critical Management of High Risk Disease: "Don't Kill Your Patient"
This conference focuses on the most common causes of death in America (heart disease, cancer, stroke...). Errors in managing these diagnoses lead to the most common causes of successful malpractice litigation (missed MI, missed CA, missed CVA....). This conference will advise and update you on the essential information so you "don't kill your patient." Additional topics have been selected which address areas of major concern in primary care medicine.

Live Medicine in Action
You will have the opportunity to observe live demonstrations of pertinent procedures. For example, when interpreting an EKG, does it matter how the leads are placed? Instead of showing a picture of proper EKG lead placement, you will see a live patient with leads in various positions and the corresponding EKG tracings with interpretation by the cardiologist. When learning about the neurologic examination of a suspected stroke patient, you will watch the exam being performed on a live patient. When was the last time an orthopedic surgeon taught you how to perform a knee exam? What is proper technique for inhaler usage? Speakers will demonstrate this and more during lectures.

Faculty Lounge
What do you do with your questions at the end of each lecture? At each conference we will designate a Faculty Lounge area where you will have opportunity to discuss clinical questions, standard-of-care concerns or any other issues with each speaker following his/her lecture. Take advantage of these experts who are here to serve you with their knowledge and experience.

A Day to Play
This conference has been designed with your enjoyment in mind: a full day off during the weekend to relax and enjoy your surroundings! Take time to enjoy your destination of choice: Attend a show, shop the city, sunbathe at the pool, visit a national park, tour a museum, dine at the best tasting restaurants...

Conference Concierge
Is standard hotel concierge sufficient? At this conference we have our own staff who are highly trained to meet your needs and those of your spouse and children. Are you craving Thai food? Do the spouse and kids want to visit the zoo? Did you not have time to plan your evening activities before arriving? Ask the conference concierge staff: they are here to make your stay the best you've yet experienced!

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