Attendee Reviews

"I found this conference series to be informative, appropriate, stimulating. It's always amazing how much we forget over the years. Your course was very enjoyable. As your governor would say, 'I'll be back'"
- Daniel Randolph, M.D., Mead, WA

"The Live demonstrations were a valuable review of effective examination techniques that most busy physicians have not reviewed in many years. The radiology sessions: reviewing normal radiological findings vs. pathologic findings is extremely helpful to physicians who most interpret the radiographs in acute care settings."
- Jerry M. Fioramonti, M.D., Scottsdale, AZ

"Best conference I've been to, speakers were excellent, knew who their target audiences was. Kept it very clinical. Useful material in every lecture. I did not skip one lecture. Live patient demonstrations were excellent as they were presented with respect to the problem the speaker was discussing."
- Anthony Vigliotti, M.D., Chihenango, NY

"The best general conference I have attended. The topics chosen were excellent, perfect for a primary care doc. The speakers were awesome. Excellent presentations. If this is offered yearly, I will attend yearly."
- David R. Cesko, M.D., Rawlins, WY

"Excellent content. Highly applicable to primary care. These are the most concise yet clinically informative neurology lectures I have attended. Live patient demonstration is just brilliant to be included in the lectures. For most conferences you need to attend a separate small discussions group to be able to benefit from live patient demonstrations. The 'day-off' concept is refreshing"
- Beatriz Ang-Ermocilla, MD., North Las Vegas, NV
- Carlos Ermocilla, M.D., North Las Vegas, NV

"Great lectures with primary care focus. "Felt treated like an equal – was taught interactively not lectured to like students. The 'day-off' is a great way to rejuvenate during the course and give needed time to engage in local culture."
- David McNabney, M.D., Jefferson City, TN

"The conference was excellent. All of the speakers gave useful lectures & the topics were all relevant to my practice."
- Roger Felix, M.D., Silver Spring, MD

"This conference met all my expectations. I appreciate being able to come for a high quality, enjoyable conference in such an efficient manner to obtain 32 CME credits. I would definitely look to a conference organized by Loma Linda in the future"
- Jennifer Belik, M.D., Maplewood, MN

"This conference was absolutely amazing! Almost every speaker and topic were very pertinent to my family medicine practice. I have never been to such a comprehensive diverse conference which focused on very relevant topics. I would recommend this course to any primary care physician. And I look forward to future conferences"
- Elizabeth Dameff, M.D., Fontana, CA

"The subtitle of this conference "Don't Kill Your Patient" certainly caught my attention when I received the brochure announcing the conference. The presentations were all pertinent to my primary care practice. I had planned on doing a different CME but I was not disappointed that I changed to this program. The Saturday 'free day' gave me time to both physically and mentally regroup. Thanks for a good CME experience."
- Rex Wieland, M.D., N Manchester, IN

"This is the first time I attended CME when I enjoyed it. The conference was presented in a practical way; reviewed the basics so that I could understand the subsequent presentations. The venue was good. The speakers are excellent. Live Demonstrations were very helpful"
- Felcar Morada, M.D., Tujunga, CA

"Nice overview of important clinical conditions. Speakers excellent and approachable. Live patient demos for physical exams are a great addition."
- Marie Weston, M.D., Davie, FL

"Excellent speakers. Practical course, applicable to clinical practice. I especially enjoyed the radiology and EKG lectures. Balanced variety of topics."
- Joy Vanterpool, M.D., Santa Maria, CA

"Nice to have a radiologist reviewing x-rays. Cancer lectures were important and useful with good info."
- Pamela Hughes, D.O., Southern Pines, NC

"Content—Excellent—Relevant—The most common problems got the most time. Speakers-Excellent-Alive. Live patient demo's - Good, fun, helped remember the point."
- Roger Toop, M.D., Phelan, CA

"The speakers were excellent. The content was current and relevant to patient care. Demonstrations on live patients helped a lot. The food at breakfast and breaks was phenomenal!"
- Pamela McClure-Smith, M.D., Tenhook, VA

"Lecture content, a good blend of basic science with current diagnostic and treatment options. Live patient demonstrations provided a healthy push back on our over dependence of CT & MRI diagnostics."
- John Drstvensek, M.D., Columbus, OH

"Excellent speakers, great staffing."
- Kenneth Diamond, M.D., Rapid City, SD

"Have an orchestra. If a speaker is running over, the orchestra plays and an "assistant" in an evening gown escorts the speaker off. Would like to see more pediatrics and topics on treatment of obesity and smoking. Dr. Dhond sounds like Hugh Grant; Dr. Moses looks like Dr. Mohinder Suresh from the TV show Heroes. Live patient demonstrations are very helpful. Having a tattoo is OK. The concierge was very helpful. We really enjoyed Mamma Mia!"
- Ali Javanbakht, M.D., Santa Barbara, CA

"Overall the best content/core lectures I've seen in 5 years. Live patient demonstrations—Ortho and Neuro examinations were valuable."
- Robert Boulware, M.D., Liberty, MO

"Content was quite comprehensive. Speakers were all very thorough."
- Amrish Joseph, M.D., Chippewa Falls, WI

"Topics are relevant to practice. Lots of practical knowledge."
- Cheryl Oh, M.D., Apopka, FL

The goal of this conference will have been met if you, prompted by your own intellectual and personal enjoyment of the experience, are able to return to your clinical facility and implement what you have learned. Your feedback is welcome.